New Skin Care Strategy Should Be Developed To Protect You From Heat Induced Skin Aging

Do you know that heat can damage your skin just like harmful UV rays?

Heat is a form of energy that may be converted by IR radiation, resulting in raised skin temperature. The average comfort zone of skin temperature is 32.6-33.7°C. However, human skin temperature can be increased up to about 40℃ in direct sunlight within 15~20 minutes, and this heat may contribute significantly to damaged skin.

Recent studies suggest that heat can penetrate skin down to its deepest layers and cause premature skin aging. More specifically, a study from Seoul National University College of Medicine revealed that just 30 minutes of heat exposure three times a week can be enough to damage your skin after six weeks. It reduces protective antioxidant levels in the skin and stimulates genes to create more MMP proteins that break down collagen and elastic fiber in human skin. Heat also triggers melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells within the skin, to create the pigment that causes age spots as a defense mechanism. Melanocytes act as a unit of epidermal melanin that is exposed to various forms of natural sun light, resulting in changes in skin pigmentation. People are more likely to end up with heat-induced skin pigmentation if they are living in the areas of high temperature such as South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Central America since susceptibility to hyper-pigmentation is genetic. Continuous exposure to heat may induces the formation of unnecessary blood vessel in the skin and consequently it will turn red and uneven skin tone too.

Reducing the skin temperature by applying ice or washing it with cold water can help maintain healthy skin. This is known as a “cold signal”.  When a skin sensor perceiving coldness is activated, it releases bio signal to increase immunity and strengthen skin barriers. Repeated cold signaling can prevent skin from the swelling and keep the skin tone even.

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